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Facilities Available

Information Center

The Cantonment Board has introduced an electronic system for public services, for which information and facility center has been set up in the office of Jalpahar Cantonment. These centers have been established with the aim of fulfilling public grievances of Cantonment with speed, efficiency, stability and reliability. The Center will provide a conclusion for public grievances, revenue and tax, and registration of births and deaths.

Educational facilities

Jalapahar Cantt. Manages 1 English elementary school by class IV. Every year uniforms, books, etc. are distributed among the students free of charge, from time to time students are taken for excursion / educational tour. Computer education has been started from class I to class IV. Smart classes have also been installed in Cantonment Primary School Jalapahar.


To empower and promote e-governance. To promote inclusive and sustainable development of citizen, electronics, increasing the role of cantonment in IT governance, adopt a multi-dimensional approach, in which the development of human resources, research and development and innovation, efficiency through digital services Increasing and ensuring a secure cyber space is involved.

As an e-governance initiative under the Digital India project, the closing app was designed to strengthen and strengthen all the canteens by the Waterborne Cantonment Board. Citizens to report and assess the cleanliness of their colony / area. These apps will also fulfill the mandate towards cleanliness of the Jalapahar Cantonment Board.

Public Health Care

The board maintains a dispensary. There is an RMO on contractual basis. In medicine, minor treatment is done and major treatment is referred to Darjeeling District Hospital. Cantt. Board employees and their dependents are provided with medical facilities and free medicines through Cantt. Board Dispensary. A health check camp is organized from time to time for school children, employees, senior citizens and polio vaccination.

Dispensary Timing:

O.P.D.– 10 :00 A.M to 4 :00 P.M (MON to SAT )


    Sri. Rajiv Sundas (Pharmacist- +91 9832043747)

  • Parks

    CB Jalapahar maintains one children park above the Cantt. Board Office, beside T.A. Ground.The Mali of this office looks after it and from time to time the flower seedling and pots are allocated for the beatification of the park and the office area. All people need physical activity to maintain fitness and health. Physical activity increases strength, flexibility, and endurance; relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety; improves mood; and enhances psychological well-being. Exposure to nature in parks, gardens, and natural areas can improve psychological and social health. Parks also build healthy communities by creating stable neighborhoods and strengthening community development. Parks are one of the quickest and most effective ways to build a sense of community and improve quality of life. Parks provide places for people to connect and interact in a shared environment. Parks offer children a sense of place, self-identity, and belonging as an antidote to social alienation, vandalism, and violence. It helps to engage children in informal, experiential learning through play and shared experiences with peers, laying the foundation for effective formal education and provides a valuable resource for closing the educational achievement gap in communities.

    Street Light

    Presently, there are 80 numbers of Streetlights managed by CB Jalapahar out of which 90% Street Lights points have already been converted to LED. All the normal light points / CFLs in office buildings, school, Dispensary and Staff Quarters have already been replaced with LED bulbs . Two numbers of solar streetlight have been installed in Cantt area during the year.

    Water Supply

    The Board provides drinking water to the Civil population through its own natural spring sources and from MES, Jalapahar on a yearly payment basis. The per capita per day availability of water is 40 litres.


    CB Jalapahar maintains one road namely Cantt Fund Road leading from T.A. Ground to Gandhi Road. The road is well maintained and repair/maintenance, white wash, repair of parapets are done as and when required.

    Logo of CB e-Services App

    CB e-Services APP is an initiative to empower and strengthen the citizens of Cantonment to report grievances, access the services of Cantonment Boards through mobile. This app allows Cantonment residents to access services like online payment of taxes, Online booking etc and other services. All complaints automatically gets directed to the concerned Cantonment Board. This App will meet out the mandate of Cantonment Boards towards citizen centric service delivery and takes feedback from the residents of Cantonment.
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